AirTaxi - Amiga Game
by Dave May

AirTaxi was a game for the Amiga which I created in 1994. It was featured in Amiga Power magazine (Issue 52) and included on the cover disk with Gloom. It also appeared in the Dutch Amiga Magazine (Issue 34).

The original AirTaxi demo is listed on Aminet here although the full release is downloadable on this site.

AirTaxi is a multiplayer couch game based on Space Taxi for the Commodore 64. Up to five players can play simultaneously, using the keyboard and four joysticks (two joysticks using a parallel port adapter).

Friends helped to playtest the game and motivated me to complete and release it.

You can download the full version of AirTaxi below. It plays smoothly on the the WinUAE emulator with an Amiga 4000 profile, but you may need to modify the default audio settings to get rid of sound delay.

Download the full version of AirTaxi: airTaxi.adf (880kB)

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Also there is an original Review by Jason Compton.

And yes, a reworked version of AirTaxi is considered and may surface someday.

I'm still a game developer and have a small studio. Follow Alleyway Games on Twitter (@AlleywayGames) or feel free to contact me below.


Dave May

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Amiga Power Magazine Issue 52: