AirTaxi - Amiga Game
by Dave May

AirTaxi was a game for the Amiga which I created in 1994. It was featured in Amiga Power magazine (Issue 52) and included on the cover disk. A demo has long been listed on Aminet here.

AirTaxi was based on Space Taxi for the Commodore 64. I thought some of the gameplay of Space Taxi would be well suited to a multiplayer game with a few fun additions, so I set out to produce AirTaxi. The game supported five players (keyboard + 2 joysticks + 2 joysticks with parallel adapter).

Friends helped to playtest the game and motivated me to complete and release it.

Download the full version of AirTaxi (not the Aminet demo): airTaxi.adf (880kB)

Review by Jason Compton

And yes, a reworked version of AirTaxi is considered and may surface someday.

I'm still a game developer and have a small studio. Follow Alleyway Games on Twitter (@AlleywayGames) or feel free to contact me below!


Dave May

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